Seville's strong momentum in the financial and real estate sectors

The celebration last march in Seville of the ‘Welcome Home’ came to ratify the great moment for the purchase of residential real estate, offices or commercial premises that crosses not only the Andalusian capital but also municipalities within the province.
Precisely DEXTER Global Finance has been in recent years, and is today, very present in an area of Spain where construction is unstoppable of new promotions, offers in first and second homes.
Our company, as a specialist in management and brokerage has found Sevillian promoters as allies who have developed and develop both single-family homes and high-rise homes, and it has
lent both the professional advice and the muscle that means the capital injected into their companies: all with maximum security, due diligence, transparency and, of course, agility in the first disposition.
With credits from one million euros, and up to 150 million, also for the purchase of land or the purchase of assets, or through the formula of the loan-bridge, DEXTER has already become a benchmark at that point of
union between finance and real estate development, being well patent the results for local entrepreneurs. Seville, once again, is in fashion.

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